How often is replacement needed?
  • Inspection of tires is recommended at each regular service visit.
Indicators replacement may be needed:
  • Current tread level is at the wear indicators.
  • Cuts, tears, bubbles, cracking, or uneven treadwear.
  • Age of the tires (DOT number).
  • Poor ride quality.
Why is it important?
  • Safety.
  • Worn tires have an adverse effect on acceleration, braking, and cornering of vehicle.
  • New tires drastically improve stopping distance.
  • See illustration below for stopping distance comparison.

24-Month Tire Road Hazard Coverage

Eligible tires purchased at your local Toyota dealership come with road hazard coverage for 24 months.*

*Coverage eligibility is determined by date or until 2/32″ or less of tread remains, whichever occurs first.

Stopping Distance

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