What Size Tire Do You Need For Your Toyota?

You located the numbers on your tire. What’s next?  Our Tire Size Guide can help you.

What size tire do you need for your Toyota.

Need new tires but aren’t sure what size fits your Toyota? No problem! Locating your tire information is easier than you think. 

Where to find your tire size:

  • On the side of your tire
  • The sticker on the inside of your driver-side door
  • Your Owners Manual

Our tire size guide can help determine what the numbers mean.

To explain in full, get ready for some tire jargon. Going clockwise, the three-digit number indicates the width of the tire. The two-digit number after the slash is the aspect ratio, which is a ratio comparing the width of the tire to its sidewall height, and the letter after it notes the tire’s construction. Next is the rim diameter, followed by the load index, which is the weight your tires can support when fully inflated. Last but not least is the speed rating, which indicates the maximum speed your tires were designed to reach. Whew, you made it. And now you can read a tire in no time flat—yes that was a pun.


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