Toyota Service Centers

Each Toyota Service Center is committed to providing the care and expert service that our guests come to trust. Our service centers are staffed with Toyota-certified technicians who have thousands of hours in Toyota service training and use only genuine Toyota parts to service and repair your Toyota. 

Keep your Toyota a Toyota with your local Toyota Service Center. Our technicians are ready to handle all your repair needs, including oil changes, tire rotations, battery replacement, brake repairs, air filter replacements and all other Toyota Factory Scheduled Maintenance.

Parts & Service

The Toyota Difference

Basic maintenance at no-cost with ToyotaCare.

Safety and dependability are equally important. That’s why we include ToyotaCare, a comprehensive, no-cost maintenance plan that covers all newly purchased or leased Toyota vehicles for 2 years or 25,000 miles (whichever comes first). 

Come to any Toyota Service Center to get your ToyotaCare services.

Toyota experts will take care of your vehicle.

Nobody keeps your Toyota running in top Toyota shape better than our Toyota Certified Technicians.

We use only Genuine Toyota Parts.

Keep it real and keep your Toyota running the way it’s meant to with Genuine Toyota Parts.

We provide professional and exceptional service.

Expect attentive, informed and courteous service whenever you stop by, no matter the reason.

We offer competitive pricing.

Dollar for dollar, we offer competitive pricing and value that just can’t be found anywhere else.

We’re available when you are.

From early in the day until late afternoon, we’re open six days a week, Monday – Saturday.

Nobody keeps your Toyota running in top Toyota shape better than our Toyota Certified Technicians.

Toyota Express Maintenance

When your Toyota needs factory scheduled service, Toyota Express Maintenance (TXM) helps keep you moving. Our pit crew-inspired approach helps get you in and out quickly. All at the right price, with quality you expect from your local Toyota dealer. Schedule your Express Maintenance at local participating Toyota Service Center.

Toyota Express Maintenance Includes:

Oil & Filter

Engine oil is vital to your Toyota’s well-being. Oil reduces friction between moving parts and helps remove heat from the engine. With Toyota Express Maintenance, we drain and refill your Toyota with factory-recommended oil, replace the oil filter and reset the maintenance indicator light.

Brake Inspection

As far as your Toyota’s safety systems go, the brake system is one of the most important. That’s why the Toyota Express Maintenance multi-point inspection includes a brake inspection. This will help to ensure that your brake pad thickness is still at a safe level.

Tire Rotation
Tires play an important role in your vehicle’s handling performance, driving comfort and fuel efficiency. Our tire rotation service helps to ensure that your tires wear evenly, helping prolong their useful life. Our technicians will also reset the Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)1.
Multi-Point Inspection

Proper maintenance helps your Toyota last longer and deliver more dependable, economical performance. With our multi-point inspection, we check your Toyota’s fluids and perform a visual check of all major systems.

Fluid Inspection

During the multi-point inspection, all of your fluids (coolant, brake, power steering, windshield washer and transmission) will be checked and replenished at no additional charge.

1 The Toyota Tire Pressure Monitor alerts the driver when tire pressure is critically low. For optimal tire wear and performance, tire pressure should be checked regularly with a gauge; do not rely solely on the monitor system. See your Owner’s Manual for details.

Service Centers

Keep your Toyota running at peak performance with our Toyota Certified Technicians. Get it right the first time with professional, fast and reliable service from Toyota Service Centers.

Genuine Parts

There's nothing like the real thing, especially when it comes to parts for your Toyota. Built to last and designed specifically for your Toyota, there's no better way to care for your car than with Genuine Toyota Parts.

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